Wednesday, December 26, 2007

GYC Wrap-Up

The Advent HOPE Florida team plus those sponsored (missing Yudelis and Carol).

GYC days 2-5 were just as excellent. Here's a quick rundown:

Day 2 - Pastor Conway started the day with a message on the importance of Christ's sacrifice. After breakfast (which was excellent), we hit the seminars, which were 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. This year's seminar options were probably the best yet. Andrea Oliver gave her testimony at the noon hour, and it was powerful. David Shin ended the day with the importance of a prayer life as evinced by the life of Daniel.

Day 3 - Was very similar to Day 2 except only 2 seminars in the morning. At noon Steve Kasperbauer gave his testimony on being faithful to God in the area of business and sabbathkeeping. You must listen to this one! In the afternoon, we had networking sessions, and I led out in the AMEN session. We had about 50 people show up and had a good round table discussion. A group led by Mark Finley went to anoint Alistair at the hospital who by this point was on a ventilator and not responsive.

Day 4 - Sabbath! Steve Conway gave a powerful message on what it means to be BE. Next, Pastor Finley gave a charge for the importance of evangelism and led the auditorium in a season of prayer for Alistair. Then a round table discussion with Eugene Prewitt, Steve Conway, Staci Osterman, Allison Waters, and Alan Parker on the importance of 1888 in Minneapolis. Pastor Ratsara gave a rousing challenge to finish the work by working with Christ and giving personal testimony to Jesus leading his division (Southern Africa - Indian Ocean Division).

For lunch, the Advent HOPE leaders of each coast met:
Then we had outreach - about 1200 people attended. Almost 500 Bible study cards were returned, plus more were accepted by homes. We knocked on 13,000 doors. It was cold and at one point, Janelle and I couldn't feel our toes or open our cell phones with our fingers. But the Lord blessed. Back at home, David Shin's last message was on the tipping point of revival and explained how 1 person can change the world if they have a radical prayer life, ie: Martin Luther, John Wesley, etc.

Day 5 - After the morning devotional and breakfast, we attended the dedication of the new GYC officers. There were alot of changes, and more women were added to the team. Justin McNelius accepted the challenge made by Dr. Pippim after some tears and trepidation. The final message was by Jeff Rosario which was well worth waiting for.

In the evening, my brother Tim, Janelle, and myself went to visit Al in the hospital. He was extubated, able to talk, and able to move all extremities somewhat. This was a vast improvement and we were glad to see our prayers at work!

All in all, this GYC was truly a blessing. I left feeling the urge to do something great for God. To do the ordinary things in life in an extraordinary fashion. God bless and keep the GYC spirit with you!

And remember, all the seminars and main sessions are available at:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

GYC day #1

Hello all,

I just want to write a summary for those that may not be able to attend and for my remembrance:

Minnesota is cold and has snow on the ground. We registered at the convention center and much to Janelle's liking, there are enclosed catwalks that connect each of the buildings in the downtown Minneapolis area to protect us from the snow. The main auditorium is beautiful and and looks like an extremely large opera house with a ornate wooden stage and plush seats with a high rising back seat section.

After song service, the seminar presenters were introduced, and left many people wondering where they should go with so many good options. I think Jay Gallimore's series on Christian Leadership and Mark Finely's Last Day Events peaked my interest the most. But all the options seemed so good! We next got a report on some teenagers that have recently led out in preaching their own evangelistic series. Powerful!

Andrea Oliver gave a touching introduction for Israel Ramos' opening talk. After an excellent special music by Jessica Hess, Israel took the stage. He had the look of a tired solider giving his last message to his troops before the last battle. He spent time recounting the early years of GYC and the faith and sacrifice of the early team. His main point was that we need to remember what our identity is, or we will never realize our ultimate destiny, which is to hasten the Lord's return. He used the illustration of Luke 4 and 5 how Jesus doesn't need people that fish, he needs fisherman! Check out the sermons at Also, all these sermons will be on, so you can enjoy them as well.

Afterwards, I hit the booths. So many friends that I have not seen in a while. Aside from the powerful spiritual emphasis, GYC is also a truly great place to reconnect and meet new people.

Final note, please keep Alistair Huong in your prayers. He is in critical condition suffering from a Neurological condition at the local hospital. He is a powerful man of God and good friend, I truly believe that God will prevail.

Til tomorrow, this is Jason reporting from GYC!