Saturday, September 13, 2008

Europe 2008

I may never get all of our great Europe pics on here, but i hate when things are not in chronological order, so here is an incomplete post. i will add pics soon.

After flying in from Tchad to Paris we spent 2.5 days in Paris. We saw Notre Dame, the arc de triump, the louve, the eiffel tower, the gardens of versailles, and ate delicious falafels! We took a evening boat tour of the city and watched with surprised as the eiffel tower turned a beautiful blinking blue. This video is better than ours, so enjoy:

After missing the train out and getting ripped off by this restaruant that promised wi-fi, we then took a train through the french countryside to Milano(Milan), Italy. We got in very late, but God protected us.

We spent the rest of our time exploring Italy's western coast. We first went to these cute seaside towns called the cinque terre, where we swam and jumped off big rocks, hiked beautiful vineyard trails, walked the "via del amore," and took a really relaxing and scenic boat ride. While we were there some other guests in the home we stayed in highly suggested a town called Priano on the Amalfi coast.

we then took the overnight train all the way to Napoli (Naples) and went in search of Priano. We had actually reserved a room ahead of time, unfortunately by the time we got to Napoli they had given away our ocean view room, and then by the time we took the Circumvesuvian train and a tour bus along skinny roads that on 1 side was the cliff and the other a 1000 ft drop to the ocean (awesome ride btw), they had given away our 2nd night at the hotel!! And this was Friday and we really didnt want to change hotels on Sabbath. So we made some calls and then rented a scooter to find another hotel (thankfully almost everyone in Italy speaks English ). We finally found one and they allowed us to move our stuff in, but not pay until after sundown.

The views in both places were awesome!

On Sabbath we had breakfast with a view and then studied the lesson quarterly in a swing on the patio, then Jason suggested we continue our study at the top of the mountain. So we had a great hike with breathtaking views and just happened to find a pinic table to finsh reading the Bible. We also found blackberries and figs to eat right off the vine/tree. It was awesome!!

We then left Priano and headed back to Sorrento where we stayed in a campground with a tiny cabin. We wished we had found more places like it, cause we spent way more money than expected on hotels. We took a day trip to the island of Capri and went into the blue grotto. very cool, highly recommended.

We discovered our new favorite dessert while in Italy--sorbetto (sorbet)!! Our very favorite here in the states is Haggen Daaz's coconut sorbet, but there it was cantaloupe.

We also spent a half day exploring Pompeii and the archeological museum.

We then went to our final destination--Roma(Rome). We only had 2 days, so we did a open bus tour where you can hop on and off at your leisure. We saw the coliseum, forum, julius ceasar's tomb, the Marmartine prison that housed peter and paul in the new testament, st.peter's basilica, etc.

Then back to the good old USA, and God was so good to us. Even though we missed some trains, we didnt have anything stolen, or harmed in any way.

Bye bye hair! May 2008

After growing my hair out for 2 years, I decided to donate it to the cancer center here at Florida Hospital. Estela-mom came with me and Jason popped in for a little bit.

It was about 14 inches, curly!

She straightened my hair (which Jason really liked), and I havent done since (sorry babe).

Janelle's Grandma will be in the first resurrection (Not to play God, but i am pretty sure)

I also didnt mention in Feb my Grandma Baptist (maternal) passed away. She had colon cancer and thankfully my mother (along with all her 7 siblings) got to take care of her and say there goodbyes through the months before she died. I am also greatful to God and Jason that we took the time on our trip from CA to FL to spend 1 night with them in MO, it was the last time i saw her alive, although i spoke to her on the phone many times after. She just kept saying that Jesus's second coming was soon and i believe her! She is resting now, but she was a wonderful Christian woman that loved telling people about Jesus. She and my Grandpa even though in their upper eighties still would get out and hand out Christian literature to those in their town of Lebanon, MO. Here is one of my favorite pics of all time:

I think it is too cute that Jason is wearing the t-shirt from the last Baptist family reunion!

Jason's High School Reunion

Oops i forgot to mention we went to Bass Memorial Academy in Lumberton, MS in March for Jason's 10 year reunion. It was very nice to get to meet some of his classmates, although some of his closest friends didnt show up! C'mon people go to your high school reunions, there are people that want to see you.

It was a nice weekend. I did get to meet Pastor David Hartman who was the pastor that gave the evangelistic series in Pensacola, FL in which Jason's family joined the Seventh-day Adventist movement!

Jason got reaquinted with his old gymnastics coach Bernie Culpepper, who is now boy's dean. We found out we have a lot in common with he and his wife, and they are really trying to make a difference in the lives of the young people there. Praise God for the men and women that are being good examples in our church schools!