Thursday, July 12, 2007

Operation Global Rain results

Praise God for Operation Global Rain (OGR)! What a boost to our prayer life and powerful experience. God truly was victorious. Here are some cool local results:

1. Janelle and I found a group of young adults to work with for ministry purposes. They were the ones leading out in the OGR series at the Forest Lake Church. This is an on fire group of 8-12 young people that are committed to the Word and want to see a revival in the other young adults here in the Orlando area.

2. At prayer meeting yesterday, Pastor Derek Morris just got word that Pastor Mark Finley will be doing NET 2008 at the Forest Lake Church (our new church in Orlando). Plans fell through with the planning in Minneapolis, so now God has called on the Forest Lake Church to rise to the occasion. Just 2 days prior, 12 of us young people were praying that God would show us His plans for revival in the Orlando area. Prayer answered.

3. Pastor Derek Morris wants us to start an Advent HOPE type Sabbath School at the Forest Lake church. It looks like there will be some major events happening that God has been planning that He is now just letting us in on.

4. More to come... God is not done yet!