Thursday, October 05, 2006

The road to residency #1 Oct 5, 2006

Jason turned in his application for residency in family medicine on Oct 3rd. He was waiting for his seperation from the Navy to be complete, but found out it could take 90 more days. So he sent the application in faith that God was leading us out of the Navy. The very next day Jason got 2 interviews!! One to Glasgow, KY and the other to South Bend, IN. Then today he got another to Billings, MT. This is exciting stuff! but we really want to spend the next 3 years where God wishes us to be. We are wrestling with issues like:

Should we be in a more rural setting?

Should we stay in the SDA system, so that our programs are not filled with nonSDAs and nonChristians?

Should we be salt and light somewhere else?

Should we go somewhere that has high monetary benefits so we can be debt-free and in the mission field sooner?

What will Janelle do (teach biology, become a Physician Assistant)?

We are seriously considering staying in Loma Linda, but it would be a HUGE monetary sacrifice if we did so. Not just that the pay is lower, but also the cost of living is really high, and we found a program in ID where Janelle could go to PA school with free tuition!

If you are reading this, please say a prayer that God would lead us in this big decision. And any advice is much appreciated, thanks =)

July 2006

So sorry we didn't update this blog all summer long! Here is the main events of the summer.

Jason and Janelle have 2nd Anniversary on the 4th. Janelle makes a delicious breakfast complete with ketchup "I love you."

The Shives visit the Nelsons in Sacramento (for pictures see Eric and Rachels blog). Had a wonderful Sabbath.

Sunday the Shives head to PUC for the Baptist Family Reunion
It was really fun being with so much family! my mom has 7 siblings, and I have 20 cousins on that side of the family. Some were meeting Jason for the first time, and they loved him of course.

There was a newlywed game with Jason and Janelle (married 2 years), Dalena and Bennett (married 1 year), and Jeff and Megan (married 1 month). Dont we look confident? lol. We did get the most points, by answering questions like "what is Jason's dream car?" and "what time of the day does Janelle read her Bible, morning or night?" Do you know the answers?

The theme of the reunion was Psalm 23 "the Lord is my Shepherd." Each Baptist sibling did a devotion on a half a verse.

Being good country folk the Baptist family reunion included a hayride, bubble gum blowing, sackraces, lots of singing, and sharing photos. It was a blessing!!