Monday, February 20, 2006

Study-bike Completed

On Saturday evening, Feb. 11, 2006, Dr. du Preez stated that he could fold and iron clothes, write sermons, read books, and get a solid workout on his excercise bike all at the same time! Inspired by Dr. Ron du Preez (and the lack of exercise in Jason's recent life), the first part of the Shives-head decided to take on the task of constructing an excercise station that could serve as a study area simoultaneously. On Monday afternoon, Feb 20, 2006, The HMS Study-bike was conceived! Total Price: $125.

Recipe for Study-bike:
1. Cycle trainer: $69.99 + $20 S/H on ebay

2. Trek 820 (retail $249.99): $25.00 barely used thru Trading Post

3. Slick tire for rear wheel: $9.27 Wal-Mart

4. Desk and wood for leg extensions/bracing: FREE, thanks to ladies at The Little White House.

Some cool miracles to show the Lord's hand leading in the Creation of the Study-bike:

1. We happened to find a VERY cheaply priced Trek mountain bike to replace Janelle's stolen bike. Also, we were able to invite Jenny, the lady that sold us the bike, to Restoration2006! She sounded very interested.

2. We saved probably $70-100 in lumber by stopping by the Little White House. Margaret, the volunteer in charge, was more than happy to be part of the creation of the Study-bike.

What does the future hold? No one knows, but remember, the current Health recommendations call for 60-90 minutes of moderate intensity excercise everyday! We at the Shives home hope to be better witnesses for Christ through fitness for Christ! Feel free to stop by and try out the HMS Study-bike!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

RESTORATION 2006 has begun!

After sweat, tears, and yes, even blood (I seem to cut myself on office equipment easily!) the PR work for Restoration 2006: Prepare Me was done. Restoration began 2/14/06 with approximately 200 people at both the noon and evening meetings! God is good. I know we didn't do as much as we could have to get the word out about Restoration, but God won't let our shortcomings keep someone from hearing His word!

Our speaker this year is Dr. Ron du Preez. He is a genuinely nice, Godly man, and very easy to talk to! We have enjoyed his messages. Our favorite so far was "A Trip into the Trinity." In it Dr. du Preez went into the enormity of God Himself, and we really gained an appreciation for the almighty power, and yet personal love that God has. We are looking forward to hearing how he explains the deep truths of the Bible that many Christians have forgotten about. Dr. du Preez says, "you never want to give offense, but unfortuately some people will still take offense." I know this series of meetings will turn many hearts to God, just like Restoration 2004 did for Jason and I!!