Friday, March 16, 2007

Out of the Frying Pan & into the Steam Cooker!

Well, it is official, Janelle and I will be leaving for Florida for the next 3 years. Although it is hot and humid in Orlando (hence the post title), we believe that the gentle breeze of the Holy Spirit has led us and will comfort us during the summer months. The residency program and hospital have visions that we are excited about, plus Janelle was born in Florida Hospital (an Amazing Fact).

We received the news this past Thursday morning. All the medical schools around the nation gather their 4th year students together at 8am on the 15th of March for Match day. It is a time to see people we haven't seen in a while and catch up. At 9am Pacific Time, we are each called up individually to receive an envelope that has our residency destination. We each exchange a $1 bill for our envelope and the last person to receive their envelope gets the pot. One cool fact, Loma Linda had 19% of its graduates match into Family Medicine (#1 for our class) while nationwide, only 12% of graduates go into family medicine.

It was an exciting day, and most of my classmates got either their first or second choices. Janelle and I are happy because we will be going with friends such as Eli and Susie Kim, Enrique and Estrella Vega, Evan and Leslie Inman, and others. Lord willing, we hope to start up a "GYC" type group in the area. Please pray for us.

We will definitely miss Loma Linda, especially all our friends at Advent HOPE. Advent HOPE's ministry has been a huge influence in our lives and we know it will continue to be a powerful movement here on LLU's campus. Of course we are not leaving until June though, so no tears yet! Congrats to all the other medical students that matched this week. May God be your guide as you seek to make Man Whole!