Monday, May 01, 2006

Shives #4, Becomes 24...

On May 1st 2006, the day that many illegal-immigrants went on strike, Timothy Shives was flying thru the clouds in his helicopter (which if you talk to Tim, you should know about) celebrating his 24th birthday. Although born in the Philippines, Tim could not celebrate with the protesters because he came to the US by following the rules.

Some facts about Tim you may not know:

1. Fastest runner of the Shives' family
2. Avid student of world and US history (if it happenend, he probably knows it)
3. Only Shives member to read all the "Conflict of the Ages" series
4. Was the first Filipino-American to play "Jesus" at the Sonrise Pageant, giving another option to the 2 main views of Christ's skin tone (Victorian and African)
5. 2nd Shives boy to buy a Ford (lured into the trap of cheap price, aha!)
6. Makes friends easily. If you meet him, he is now your friend
7. Is no respecter of person. Has always reached out to those that had less friends even though he was pretty popular
8. First Shives boy to preach a sermon
9. Current record holder for funniest Shives boy

We at the Loma Linda Chapter of the Shives family wish to express our joy and love to Tim on this day. We are proud of Tim and know that he will make a very good 24 year old. Although he has 1 more year to be able to rent a car (penalty free), he can take you on a ride through the sky!