Sunday, June 25, 2006

SWYC in less than 2 months!

Tell your friends, registration has begun online!

This is bound to be powerful!


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Janelle Leaves for Dominican Republic to Preach!

Jason misses his wife already, 2 more weeks to go. Also, today is Janelle's birthday, big 24!

God is using Janelle to win souls by sharing the Bible on a Mission Trip with LLUSA, so it's okay. For other husband's missing their wives, please see Eric Nelson's blog at the link to the Right.


Friends Move On

Just wanted to devote one page to the fact that friends move on. Janelle and I have been so priviledged to be a part of Advent HOPE and the ministries in Loma Linda. The urge and desire to share the gospel with our friends and strangers is the driving force of our day. I wonder what heaven will be like without the feeling of urgency to spread the 3 Angels' Messages! I know that heaven will be awesome, maybe our Advent HOPE meetings/seminars will be flight lessons! It is going to be great to meet back up with friends in heaven. It is a good motivation to keep preaching the WORD and hasten Jesus' Return!

Our friend Debbie, now in Indonesia

Eric and Rachel, now in Sacramento

Kole (pictured) took his parents Yamil and Lana to Louisiana
We'll miss you guys, GOD BLESS!