Sunday, June 10, 2007

Medical School Graduation

This pic is from Sabbath Morning at Advent HOPE during the SOM graduation weekend. My family and friends from out of town joined us for a picture.

Here is a picture of me in mid-speech because I don't have any good pics of me preaching. Although I did not have much time to prepare the week before graduation, God blessed the sermon and lives were touched and challenged. If you want to listen to it, visit, the sermon was called "A Purpose Driven Life."

The three graduates! Eli took Miso up to get his diploma and drew some attention. They told him that they will not allow dogs to receive degrees next year. Looks like Miso MD will be the first and last non-human physician graduate from LLU.

It was a nice day, about 78 degrees and a day I won't soon forget! I have so many other pics with my friends from AH, but I am still figuring a way to put my pics online. Any suggestions, let me know.