Monday, July 11, 2005

Our 2005 Summer Vacation

After studying for USMLE Step I, Janelle and I decided to take our belated honeymoon vacation to the island of Oahu. It was a very relaxing experience. We got some sun, went diving, went on a couple hikes, and met some wonderful Adventists at church. We also got to go to Pali Lookout where Ellen White declared it the closest place on earth to heaven's beauty.

This is Pali Lookout June 2005 & the past.

Sabbath Afternoon with friends we met at Monoa road SDA church. Also, we met Carlos & Dafne Moretta there. This is Sunset Beach at the North Shore of Oahu.

Jason gets to visit his old elementary school. Back after 19 years.

Janelle shows the way from Diamond Head to Waikiki. Hiked the volcano in record time.

Jason & Janelle relaxing after catching mini-waves at Kailuha Beach on the East Shore of Oahu. This beach is minutes from Ken Lim's home.

We also got to see Eli & Susie exchange their vows! The wedding was centered on Jesus and His love. It was awesome.